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What are living foods?

Living foods are edible foods that come from the earth, produce seeds or use pollination to fruit. These include fruit,

vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, grains, legumes, healthy oils, fermented foods, all preferably organic. These foods should be consumed in their most basic recognizable, unrefined and unprocessed form. In return, these foods will give your body, the fuel, and energy it needs, to be its best version of you. Eating a clean and balanced diet gives your body the quality of food it deserves and allows the nutrients to work from within which will result in the clean, vibrant skin, you have always wanted.

A great lifestyle plan to follow is the Whole Food Plant Based Diet Pyramid and then adjust to your specific needs. Removing dairy, refined sugar, refined grains, alcohol, and other inflammation foods, such as processed foods and fried foods, will advance your goals to a clean and healthier lifestyle. When selecting meats, opt for grass-fed, wild, or organic which contains more nutritional value than commodity processed meats and do not contain the amount of stress hormones from cruel farming practices.

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