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The Secret To Staying Healthy

There is not a cure-all for staying healthy, and if you are seeking a more natural approach to wellness, you should see if there is something you are doing, that may be contributing to the way you’re feeling. Could the combination of a poor diet, and overexposure to chemicals be making you sick? Could have a diet full of living foods from the earth, and a balanced lifestyle be the answer?

For the last 13 years, I have worked in commercial product development, I have worked with and alongside some of the most brilliant formulators in the world, within multibillion-dollar food companies. In fact, I have developed several products to add to the global giant, and I’m sure it’s part of my motivation to re-balance the scales. These companies are supplying the consumer products to numerous outlets across America including restaurants, malls, grocery stores and your home. Chemists, food scientists and engineers have been developing our consumer products for the past 100 plus years with the help of very large marketing, legal and R&D departments. These consumer goods are full of designer ingredients which are created, to cause reactions in your brain and body. They are riddled with chemicals, colorings, and multi-functional ingredients which make them taste and look more appealing. A quick web search of multi-functional ingredients will open a whole new world of science that you never knew existed. As we learn more about wellness and the dangers of chemicals in consumer products, these companies have begun to move their focus to other countries and have found new clever ways to make you believe their labels are cleaning up, when in fact they are not. They have reached almost every level of your needs found within various consumer products and foods. Most restaurants in the USA have chemicals and GMO’s at some level, some restaurants this type of food makes up their entire menu selections.

I feel fortunate to have experienced food on such a deep and intimate level, and I’m humbled by the gifts I’ve been given. I have a deep sense of responsibility to share what I’ve experienced while working in product development and professional kitchens. Although my health issues were not because I was eating an abundance of processed foods, it was related to sugar overload, it gave me the visibility to see what was really happening to our consumer foods, and it was frightening. 

Unfortunately, we will never totally get rid of chemicals, processed foods, or science in our products, in some ways we still need some of it. This all leads to great innovation and change, that many people are excited about, and that we are proud to be a part of at Bocanna Skin. We will continue to join our allies in demanding better options from companies and demanding product transparency. We believe that removing laboratory-created chemicals, living a balanced life, and having wellness at the focal point of your daily activities, will give you the multi-dimensional layers you need, to stay the best version of you.

The world is a dirty place, and these are some tips I have used to keep myself the best version of me, happy and healthy. It takes time to remove the layers of unhealthy items from our life, and it also takes a lot of patience. This does not happen overnight, but instead, it is something that you should enjoy, as you reclaim your life and health.


  • Get plenty of sleep and find ways to de-stress
  • Take off your shoes when you enter your home, the street toxins are easily transferred into your home and spread everywhere quickly
  • Regularly wash your hands with warm water and soap, especially when using the restroom, touching your face, or cooking
  • Avoid overly processed foods and opt for minimally processed such as pre-cut produce
  • Avoid inflammation foods and refined products
  • Do not use skin care, body care or eat foods with chemicals
  • Do not use synthetic room fragrances or scented candles, avoid paraffin wax candles
  • Make an active effort to remove products from the home which contain chemicals, to a level where you feel safe
  • Diffuse Essential oils only when needed
  • Eat a diet rich in living foods
  • Have a natural and holistic approach to wellness
  • Eat foods high in zinc and vitamin c, when you feel something coming on
  • Laugh and smile, many believe this naturally boosts your endorphins and immune system
  • Buy organic foods when possible, search for the top options you should be buying, and try to make meals surrounded by these choices
  • Be willing to make compromises on food
  • Grow some of your food to supplement, such as tomatoes and herbs! Plant a salsa garden in a sunny window
  • Dinners do not have to be fancy, just colorful, and made from scratch, with plants being at the center of the plate
  • Have some form of physical activity, and focus on deep breathing

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