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Get To Know BocannaSkin

About Us

The Bocanna Skin line is a collection of flowers, herb-based skincare, cannabis hemp oil, and precious essential oils. Bocanna Skin is a combination of the term botanical and cannabis. Hemp is a species of Cannabis Sativa L, and cannabis oil is a botanical extraction by definition, hence the name Bocanna.

Working with artisanal ingredients, quality sourcing standards, local farmers, and selecting only the most vibrant whole plant botanicals, picked at their peak, our products deliver unparalleled freshness and efficacy, from seed to bottle.

Why We Care

For balance, we must live harmonious with the earth and the gifts it gives. For what we put into the world must be greater than what we take away.


We care about our impact on our community and what we leave for our future

You deserve clean label products that you can trust.

You deserve honest products that support a holistic lifestyle.

Get To Know BocanaSkin

Our Team

Founder and lead formulator Nico Murillo is a product developer who has spent years in formulation labs, developing consumer products. She leads the Bocanna Skin product development alongside the marketing, and a purchasing team.

Our choice is to use 100% organic when possible, and unrefined whole plant ingredients, using the highest quality sourced cannabis hemp extracts. These ingredients contain hundreds of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. We believe that plants hold healing mysteries. We are just now unlocking the full potentials of plants and the robust science of plant medicines that are discovered daily.

We keep beauty natural

Why We Are Different

We are stewards of this world and have the knowledge of our ancestors, with this knowledge we can create products that help support living soils, and a new way of doing business, instead of only taking away.

Free of Harm

Created from a desire to create a personal skincare line with ingredients you could find in your home, Nico created a line representative of herself, free of parabens, fillers, synthetic preservatives, sulfates.

Transparent Process

In creating Bocanna Skin, Nico has followed the same quality, honest, and transparent processes that characterized her years in corporate product development kitchens. We know precisely (and so should you!), what happens from formulation to bottle.

Local Farmers

Our close relationship with local farmers and small farms allows me to find the best ingredients to work with using Nico's experience from two decades of professional cooking. Her love of working with local farmers by crafting relationships of trust and mutual respect for our earth.

100% Organic

From formulation to bottle, our commitment to only 100% organic, raw, quality plant material, processed according to the highest quality standards, is our promise to you.

Farmer Partners

Hill Country Olive Oil

High in Antioxidants and sourced in Texas our farmer partners are artisans at producing high quality oils grown here.

Small farmers are the backbone of our country and working with local farmers helps our community.

Souring of hemp with trusted veteran farmers, allows us to work with premium products that we can trust.

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